Dr. Robert H. Long, President & CEO

He Understands

Dedicating the last 20 years of his career to making a difference in the lives of senior adults, Dr. Long has cultivated a community at BLC which allows residents to grow and flourish during their golden years.  He understands the struggle a family may experience when realizing it’s time to ask for help.  Dealing with his own struggle of an aging parent ,Dr. Long worked with the team at BLC to make sure his mother was able to be cared for in a way that was dignified and meaningful. Many times he has talked with families, residents, staff and the community about his own experiences. 

Who He Is

A former Baptist Pastor who began his career in 1979 pastoring a church in Brookhaven, Mississippi. From there, Dr. Long and his wife Judy moved to pastor a church in Clinton, KY and then to Louisville, Ky.  While in Louisville, he was also a permanent panelist on a radio broadcast.  He’s an author, speaker and proven leader with a Bachelor of Science in History and Speech as well as a Master of Divinity/Theology and a Doctrine of Theology/Homiletics.

Dr. Long has three daughters and five beautiful grandchildren.

Dr. Robert H. Long, President & CEO