The Heart2Home Cardiac Health & Wellness Program provides comprehensive cardiac care, which begins while you are still a patient at the hospital as we make preparations for your skilled stay with us. The program continues while you are in one of our skilled nursing facilities, as well as after your return home.

Our professional Cardiac Team will follow and monitor your progress, consulting with our resident physician and cardiologist throughout your stay. This team consists of a committed group of professionals, including physicians, nurses, dietitians and our own “in house” licensed Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists.

The BLC Heart2Home Program provides a comprehensive plan of care tailored for your specific cardiac needs. We join you and your loved ones in the commitment to the management of your cardiac care.

Heart2home cardiac health & wellness program

Dr. Kami Tehrani, is the Medical Director of our Heart2Home Cardiac Health & Wellness Program. Dr. Tehrani is a Cardiologist with St Elizabeth Physicians Heart & Vascular in Northern Kentucky. He oversees the Heart2Home Program, working directly with the entire cardiac team in the further development of cardiac protocols and clinical services. For more information about our Heart2Home Program, please contact:

For more information contact:
(859) 802-1097