Village Care Center:

Roles certainly reverse as our parents age. Adult children become the caregivers. The task of finding and providing the most loving and safe care as their health declines is certainly filled with heartbreak and anxiety. My mother was always independent and able to care for herself until her eyesight worsened, she became more and more feeble, and then in summer of 2018, she had a terrible fall in her home. After much therapy, much pain, much thought, and lots of prayer, it was her decision that it was time for her to be somewhere with care provided all the time. She asked me to find a new home for her. I shed a few tears for the loss of her independence and got busy looking ahead for her future. She had been to Village Care in the past for rehab, and we were very pleased with them. I visited several facilities in the area and decided this was the best suited for her needs. While she recuperated in the hospital, we were able to go to the Village, set up her room, and meet her roommate. We had requested a private room, but since none were available, roommate Ruth became part of my mother’s new home. And it has been a blessing. My mom says it best when she has visitors to her little room at the Village: “Welcome to my new home.” Even during this past very difficult year, she has told me many times that she feels safe and cared for. The staff has done a marvelous job of showing love and excellent care of the residents as well as keeping all of us families well-informed. They attempted to provide special treats, the use of a lap top, a special outdoor and indoor visiting booth, and even offered much support and assistance as we celebrated Mom’s 90th birthday with a “window party” in November of 2020. The staff is caring and competent, and the administrator is accessible and so willing to answer any questions and address all concerns. I am thankful beyond words to know that my mom is valued and respected by everyone at the Village. As her only child and caregiver, it is indeed a blessing for me to know my mom feels at home. She lives in a place where loving professionals provide the best of care, the dignity she deserves, and love to fill her heart and mine. The Village has become her second family, and I am so grateful.

Your compassion and love for those you care for shines like the sun.

I am certain that God heard my prayers and led me to Timber Woods. I love my new villa! It is quiet, peaceful and just what I needed in my life. The best part is that I no longer have to worry about my yard or anything inside my villa. Everything is taken care of for me. I am grateful for all your help in making this a home for me. Thank you.

Although my uncle was only with you for two days, I know he was well taken care of. My mother and I went to visit him on day two and when we got off the elevator there he was, sitting in a wheelchair clean and fresh, well shaven with fluffy hair. He was wearing one of his most colorful hawaiian shirts and nice clean pants with suspenders. This was the last time my mother saw her baby brother, but because of the good work you all have done she can remember him and file.

Thanks to the staff of the Arbor for 12 months of loving and caring for Daddy. It became his home. The staff learned his ways and made him feel loved.

Thank you for your care and al you did to help my dad awhile in your facility. He continues (at home) to make progress — you got him off to a good start!

Four years ago my family needed help to care for my brother. Lots of tears and more prayers later, we were led to Baptist Convalescent Center. Gods hand was with us.

Even though Moms time with you was short, your staff nothing short of a God send. We were never out of the loop, and your concern for our moms care and comfort was deeply appreciated.

There’s an old saying it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it took your whole community of workers to five my mother everything she received in the 2 years she lived with you. I will be forever grateful, because you did what I couldn’t do in caring form my mom’s needs. God bless you all.

Thanks very much for your call today as mom seems to be settling into her new life very nicely. My daughter and I spoke with her and I am amazed how positive and happy she is. Her entire outlook on life has changed in the past few weeks. I think that maybe she is accepting of her new home as not she does not need to be afraid of the future. She is well cared for, fed and has lots of activity around her as your staff makes her feel comfortable. Thanks for everything that you and everyone does at the VCC!

There isn’t a person here at Village Care Center I wouldn’t trust. The nursing care and rehabilitation teams have been excellent and my wife address as well.

Village Care Center:

This is my first experience with a skilled unit facility. The nurses are quick to return calls and even the administrator has kept me up to date on the status of my father. Dr. Calico spent nearly 20 minutes on the phone with me. The staff is friendly and quick to greet you when you arrive. All the time telling you how great your loved one is and describes them as adorable. It really gives you peace of mind knowing you have them in a nurturing and caring environment. I have been in nursing homes where the smell is not natural but instead the BLC smells like home. I would like to thank each one individually for their part but it takes a great team behind a great leader to maintain such a loving environment. I would also like to thank Colette for spending time with my father as our grandparents were the best of friends. Keep up the great work BLC.

I want to take this opportunity to share with many people what a wonderful place Seasons is! The Seasons at Alexandria has an extremely compassionate and loving staff, from the front desk helpers, to the many nurses and CNAs, Housekeeping staff and a most kind and loving physician Maria Pavlou, MD. It’s as if they are hand picked to be reflective of The Seasons mission. Larry was always nurtured with love and compassion. If you have a loved one and are in search of a caring facility, I highly recommend The Seasons of Alexandria. God bless all of you. I will never forget your love.

You and your staff are doing a wonderful job caring for your residents as though they were our own family (and in some cases, I know they are). I know this is a difficult time and we are all looking for any shred of hope or possible treatment options, and our physicians are evaluating every available option. I have the utmost faith in you and the staff at BVCC and believe there is no better care that can be found in NKY.

Thank you for taking care of my busted blinds so quickly. I was embarrassed to call you about my sister’s dog ripping the blinds up and yet I received nothing by respect, compassion and kindness. The Maintenance Team arrived here quickly and replaced the torn blinds without any problems at all. I am so grateful for finding Timber Woods.

I want to let you know how much my family and I appreciated the care my mother received while at the Village Care Center. The good service was excellent. My mother said the food was always good and since I ate there a few times, I can agree with her. Last, but certainly not the last, is the housekeeping services. They always took extra time to talk to my mother and make her room neat and today. Thanks for everything!

Dear Kitchen Staff: in observance of Food Services Week, you all deserve a bushel of Thank You’s for adding enjoyment to our everyday lives here at Baptist Village. To begin our mornings, you go that extra mile by sharing your concern and love to satisfy the needs of each resident with a smile. At lunch a larger group received that same attention. At dinner, you continue to the same concerns and service to sustain us through the night. May each for us give you the adoration and appreciation you so deserve for excellent, loving service and deeds you devote to each resident.

Our sincerest thanks for giving so much of yourselves to provide the care and attention to our mother. We will always remember your dedication, wisdom, compassion and grace. She know she was in good hands and so did we. We are all so very grateful. Thanks for everything that you and everyone does at the VCC!

Thank you for the love, kindness, gentleness and special care that you provided for my brother during his stay at the Village Care Center. I thank God for caring people like you. You not only helped us to sleep better knowing he was being well taken care of, you helped lessen our worries when we couldn’t be there with him. Every one of you are wonderful people and deserve to be recognized for the special people you truly are. A lot of people may not notice, but the most important person does and that person is your maker, Jesus Christ. Treasures await each one of you in Heaven. Again, thank you so much for taking care of our brother. God bless and keep each one of you! Thanks for everything that you and everyone does at the VCC!

While we had an exceptional opportunity to have Dad reside with his brother while at the Baptist Home, it was the care provided by your staff that made Dad’s stay such a comforting and positive experience.

The staff at Baptist home Health is remarkable. I can always count on them to be available when I have care needs for my dad or questions. They are always friendly and they really care. Thanks for everything that you and everyone does at the VCC!

We were so impressed by the total experience rom Dads admission to his departure. It is quite evident that the staff are dedicated to the residents and that they don’t just have job, but understand their calling.

Thank you for having our father at your facility. I believe he received the best care possible.

Baptist truly understands the concept of caring for our senior adults.