Seeds of Generosity

BLC welcomes individuals or groups who would like to volunteer, sponsor an activity or event, or participate in the enhancement of our gardens. In addition, if time is a factor, we have residents with financial needs. Something as simple as a hearing aide battery or personal care item such as a haircut may brighten a resident’s day and put a smile on their face. In these cases, we welcome your donation to BLC’s general fund.

Our Seeds of Generosity program works with families to make a lasting contribution.  If you can help Make Someone’s Life Better, your generosity is always appreciated.

Annual Fundraising Events

Estate Planning

BLC is appreciative of being remembered in your estate planning.  We will be happy to work with you and your financial planner to make a lasting contribution.

Giving Tree

An option for sizeable donations is our Giving Tree located in the receptionist area of The Seasons@Alexandria. Donations are recognized by a gold, silver or copper leaf with you or a loved one’s name engraved on it for a memory to last a lifetime.

Garden Memorials

For a sizeable donation, you can purchase a garden memorial to be placed in the courtyard at The Seasons@Alexandria.


If you would like to donate to BLC, call 859-415-2684 or email Lynda Schunder at [email protected] for more information.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will immediately impact the lives of our residents!