Live Your Very Best Life at BLC

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis. 

What does it mean to “Live Your Very Best Life”? At Baptist Life Communities, we get it. There is so much more than simply meeting daily needs. After all, life has a bigger meaning and purpose than just that. We consistently change and add new programs and services to assure our senior residents live a life overflowing with abundance in healthy, fun, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional development. The BLC lifestyle will never settle for the same old, same old. We pride ourselves with being the very best in senior living!


Live Your Best Life Through the BLC Bucket List Programs:

The “Bucket List” Programs encourage residents to share ideas and dreams and BLC offers different levels of “Bucket List” Programs for independent living, personal care and even long term residents. No matter what the bucket list item is, we focus on making these dreams come true. Some dreams have been things residents longed for their entire lives, but were never able to complete them. A few of our more recent excursions involved playing in the rain, attending Cincinnati Reds games, participating in a 5k, a day at the waterpark, tubing on a beautiful lake participating in a local fair parade and so much more!


Live Your Best “Social” Life: 

“The kindness and respect shared between you and your residents is a gift you share every day.” – BLC Resident

We value each and every resident and listening to their life stories and testimonies are not only meaningful, but they help us to understand our residents more completely. We learn and grow by hearing and responding in positive, respectful ways to others. Fulfilling a resident’s social needs is a top priority for all of us at BLC and is one of the many ways this type of relationship helps our residents to live their very best life. Listening with an intent to better understand others provides an environment of acceptance and social fulfillment. The result is a lower risk of disability, depression, and mortality and cultivates a feeling of belonging.

Live Your Best “Active” Life:

Staying active means so much more than strenuous activities. Baptist Life Community takes into consideration what residents really want to do with their time. We also consider what is in the best interests and abilities of our residents when developing calendars filled with active, enjoyable events. We believe and put into practice that no one is ever too old to have fun! A recent summer highlight for residents at The Seasons @ Alexandria was an afternoon at our own campus water park. The air was filled with sounds of laughter that resonated with our souls! How beautiful are the memories of loved ones giggling!! Residents have also enjoyed a variety of “off-campus” outings, such as visits to the zoo, casino, scenic drives, trips to the theater and much more.

Offering “out of the box” events that set the bar high for healthy senior living is what makes BLC stand out amongst other senior living communities. For more information, contact us today at: (859) 283-8600. You can also sign up to receive our monthly BLC Enews here: Visit our website to discover more details about the BLC Programs, Services and Career Opportunities.

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