A New Year of Setting Goals for Healthy Living

Now that 2018 has arrived, a lot of us are feeling somewhat sluggish, with a lack of positive thinking and on top of that our jeans are no longer comfy. Tis’ the new year to set goals for healthier habits. Realistic goals can provide us with ambition. These goals allow us to work towards something positive without making us feel terrible, even if we don’t actually accomplish every part of it.

Here are some suggestions to help you feel rejuvenated, replenish you spirit and jump start your healthy habits:

Get Better Rest.
A good night’s sleep helps clear your mind, restores your heart and has a positive impact on your weight.

  • The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep per day for people ages 26-64.
  • Create a peaceful environment that enhances good rest. A “no tech” zone is a great way to get this started. Keeping the lights soft and no television where you sleep can also help.
  • Take time out for a daily breather; allow yourself to step back during stressful moments. This small change alone can positively improve both your body and mind.

Eat Healthy.
Making better food choices improves energy and lowers the risk for disease. A well-balanced, healthy diet also encourages a defined sense of well being.

  • Speak to your doctor or seek the advice of a nutritionist regarding a realistic diet plan to meet your individual needs.
  • Start simple, set a budget and a decide upon a timeline to get started.

Get Physical Activity/Exercise
Becoming physically active lifts your mood and reduces the risk for heart disease, lethargy and foggy thinking.

Being active, even for brief periods of time throughout the day will improve your memory, burn fat and strengthen muscles.

  • Let’s walk! Take the steps instead of the elevator. Park farther away from shopping, instead of scrambling for the closest parking place.
  • Start slowly and steadily with the aim of getting stronger. You will feel the changes working.
  • When you begin to feel better, slowly add in another form of aerobic exercise and some strength training as well. Lifting soup cans or plastic bottles of water are wonderful ways to get started.

Free Yourself from the Use of Tobacco and Other Unhealthy Habits.

These changes are not only positive ones, they also add years to your life.

  • Start today. Make it a lifestyle change and not just a brief experience.
  • Talk to your doctor to learn more about programs and other available resources that in turn will provide you with encouargement and support.
  • Change your self-talk. Saying “I am starting this change today” instead of rambling on about future plans help to make your goal a realistic one!

Think Positive!

Positive thinking is a habit that pays dividends. Not only does it make you feel better, it also provides you with more energy and leads to even more healthy changes. Start right now. You can do this!

  • Use positive words in your inner thoughts and when talking with others.
  • Be encouraging, supportive and share the wealth!

Spend time together!

Quality time spent with loved ones helps to build a happy mind and healthy heart.

  • Make the time in your busy schedule to spend with your family and friends.
  • Choose activities and locations that will provide positive memories.
  • Embrace the time. Cherish one another fully.

Renew Your Mind With Spiritual Beliefs.

This positive habit encourages you to feel uplifted and grateful.

  • Start with 10 minutes per day and adjust depending on what you choose to do.
  • Reading devotionals, praying, meditating and attending Bible studies and church services can positively change the way you experience life and the way you manage life’s unexpected happenings.

At Baptist Life Communities our goal is to enhance your lifestyle with quality choices, provided by a dedicated and caring staff. Since 1952, BLC has been steadily changing and growing, and we continue on this journey today. We encourage you to scroll through our website at 
www.blcnky.com to learn more about our services and programs.


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