BLC: When is it the right move for you?

Moving to Baptist Life Communities isn’t just about transitioning into a new place! This move is focused on new beginnings and also about living life to the fullest! Isn’t it time for you to embrace a community of great friends you can laugh with; a place where you are finally able to relax and become actively involved in a variety of exciting new adventures? To help make this decision easier, BLC has put together a few questions to assist you in making the right move, a move that is sure to fit your lifestyle and needs. Check which of these statements/questions fit your current scenario.

  • Several rooms in your house are rarely in use.
  • Are you facing significant home repairs?
  • Is the neighborhood changing?
  • Your spouse will have trouble managing if something happens to you.
  • Your social circle is shrinking.
  • You no longer have the ambition to keep up with the yard.
  • Eating or preparing meals feels like a bother.
  • You do not want to feel dependent on loved ones.

Some physical changes and health issues are more common as we age. Are you active and healthy? Or are you more frail, with multiple health conditions?

  • Have you lost focus on eating foods that are good for you and eating at the right times?
  • Have you noticed a significant weight change?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Your vision prevents you from driving at night.
  • Do you have a health condition that is out of control?

Some changes in your mental health are expected with aging. However, are you experiencing a slower reaction to what is happening around you? Are you struggling with reduced problem-solving ability?

  • You are no longer able or comfortable driving.
  • Do you need help remembering simple tasks?
  • Do you need help administering simple tasks?

Are there new developments in your current living situation? Does your physical and or mental health indicate you have waited too long and are in acute need for assisted living or long-term skilled nursing care today?

  • You no longer can manage your life alone?
  • Others do your tasks for you.
  • Are you no longer safe living alone?
  • Has your health significantly declined?
  • Loved ones have suggested more than once that it is time for you to move for your safety.

A move into the BLC senior living community is a time for celebration! We provide many wonderful options to help find the best fit for you! These choices come with the opportunity to live life outside of the burden of maintaining a house. With BLC, you can start enjoying your life in a new home within a community filled with an upbeat, fun, social circle. Your time will be filled with things you love. In addition, you and your family can be at ease and have peace in knowing you are not alone and are living within a safe and secure environment.

We understand moving is a huge decision! All of us at BLC are here to help answer your questions and ease the anxiety you may have. Contact us today at (859) 486-0121 or sign up to receive the BLC Enews, which will be delivered to your inbox by going to –


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