Combating the Epidemic of Loneliness in Seniors

Loneliness is defined as: sadness because one has no friends or company; the fact of being without companions; solitariness; the quality of being unfrequented and remote; isolation.

According to The Health Resources & Administration, Two in five Senior Americans report that they sometimes or always feel their social relationships are not meaningful, and one in five say they feel lonely or socially isolated. Are you aware of these staggering statistics? Are you also aware that loneliness increases the chances of mortality by 26 percent?

At BLC, we consider these statistics to be unacceptable and are challenged to make a difference in changing the lives of Senior Adults. We have many programs in place to help and are also here to stand by your side and fight to change the statistics by educating caretakers whether at home or elsewhere.

Studies show that much of the epidemic is due to the growing number of seniors who live alone. People over 60 have an average life expectancy of almost 30 more years. That’s a long time to live alone. We are also seeing more and more senior adults who are living with family and yet still feeling very much alone throughout most of the day. When family is busy with activities outside the home, and senior adults are not able to participate, this can leave a senior adult feeling isolated and anxious. Of course there are many positives about living with or being near family, however loneliness can still be a huge factor in their lives.

Signs of Social Isolation:

  • Depressed
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Frequent sickness
  • Personal hygiene is no longer a priority

Baptist Life Communities understands the responsibilities and overwhelming concern of life as a caretaker. Feeling as though the entire weight of taking care of an elderly loved one falls on the shoulders of one person, lack of financial support and other important resources can add to these concerns. Our goal is to provide valuable education and resources to help you. It is always our goal to see that all senior adults “live their very best life.” No one need ever feel as though getting older is something to fear. We can all work together to make certain Senior Adults enjoy every bit of their lives.

Please join us for our Senior Perspectives workshop series. To RSVP please contact Lynda Schunder at 859-653-6495, Your attendance can make a world of difference to those struggling with the painful realities of loneliness.

Our first Workshop is focused on Combating the Epidemic of Loneliness in Seniors. On June 19 @ 1:00 p.m. the event will be at The Seasons @ Alexandria Grand Dining Room. We are also offering a second location for a Simulcast Presentation at our Village @ Erlanger Campus – Long House Grand Dining Room.

~A light lunch will be served at both locations~

Our guest panel speakers:

  • Dr. Lisa K. Gray – Geriatric Psychiatrist, Cincinnati Center For Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis
  • Chaplain Ray C. Coates – Director of Pastoral Care, Baptist Life Communities
  • Becky Poe – PTA–Market Program Director Rehab Care, Baptist Life Communities
  • Shanon Sandy – Director of Personal Care, Memory Care & Housing, Baptist Life Communities
  • Lynda Schunder – Caregiver, Baptist Life Communities


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