Start LIVING your Legacy

How do you view your legacy?  Is it by a book you wrote?  The home you built?  Your career?  Family?

Most people view legacy as something left behind after a person has passed.  It’s really more about sharing what you’ve learned, not just what you’ve earned.

A legacy is a way of making a contribution to future generations, the stories you create and tell while you’re here on earth and sharing your journey.

It’s the desire to be remembered for what you have contributed to the world.  People want to feel their life mattered when they’re gone.  Legacy is not just about money, but your passion and core values.

How do you want to be remembered?

There are many questions but it’s important to start thinking about it now.  What makes you YOU?  What made you who you are today? Once you figure out how you want your life understood, write it down.  Write life lessons you’ve learned.  After you do this, give it to someone you trust to keep for future.

Start LIVING your legacy!

At BLC, we offer several opportunities to give back.  We believe that small acts produce big results.  The seeds of generosity today become forests of blessings tomorrow.

Here are some giving opportunities through BLC:

Monetary gifts        Annual or year-end gifts
Bequests                   “In Memory of” Gifts
“In Honor of” Gifts    “In Lieu of Flowers” gifts
Cash                          Life Insurance
Giving Tree (located at The [email protected])

For more information on any of these giving opportunities, please contact Lynda Schunder at 859.415.2684.

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