Tips on choosing a Senior Living Community

It’s time to start your search for a senior living community for your loved one – Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, etc. Whether they are widows, widowers, forgetful, falling more often, in need of physical therapy, respite, need skilled care, need short term care, looking to downsize to independent living and the list goes on – you want to find the right place for your loved one.  Of course BLC offers all of these services and more so put us at the top of your list to check out!

Don’t wait until your loved one needs to move in “yesterday”.  Research ahead of time so you’re not rushed into making quick decisions you may regret.


2. Do your homework when looking for a place where they will be comfortable and you feel comfortable. Though times are different today with Covid, but usually we would suggest to drop in and not schedule an appointment for a tour – see it for how it is at that moment.

3. Discuss with those family members close to your loved one about the situation and make sure everyone is on the same page.

4. What is important to you and your loved one?  Quality care, meals, physical therapy, religious connection, appearance of building, location, amenities, special services, cleanliness, etc.


5. When visiting a potential place for your loved one, look around at the other residents and how they present and are groomed.

6. One place may be more expensive than another – that doesn’t mean the care is better.  You want to find the best QUALITY care for your loved one.  Some places may have more “bells and whistles” but less care.  Don’t let the shininess fool you.  Quality care is what you want.

7. When looking at ratings whether it be a 2 star or 5 star, look at the details of the ratings, not just the numbers.


BLC will help you with any questions on whether we’re a good fit for your loved one. We offer The [email protected] campus which includes short-term skilled nursing, transitional care, respite care, memory support, rehabilitation, independent living and more.  Along with our Erlanger campus, we have our Alexandria campus – The [email protected] offering outpatient rehabilitation, memory care, short term skilled nursing, long term care, personal care, memory care and respite care.

Put BLC on your list of places to tour!  Call 859-486-0121 for more information.

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