Alzheimer’s Through My Eyes” Event Takes Place September 5th

Imagine being as you are now: young, vibrant, healthy, and alert. You go about daily tasks with ease. Then out of nowhere, someone places a blindfold over your eyes. On top of that, the environment you were familiar with suddenly becomes dark and filled with loud and overwhelming noise. With these sudden and drastic changes, life instantly becomes much more difficult and your ability to perform simple routines are now impossible to accomplish. As a result, you become frightened, frustrated and although you may have family near, you feel very isolated and alone.

In order to appropriately treat a person struggling with Alzheimer’s Dementia, as well as provide support and encouragement for their loved ones, we have to first understand the disease process. Also, it is crucial to provide everyone involved with an immeasurable amount of affirmation, guidance and resources. That’s why Baptist Life Communities is proud to host a free panel workshop, titled “Alzheimer’s Through My Eyes” on Tuesday, September 5th at 1 pm.

This specialized workshop, taking place at The Seasons @ Alexandria’s Senior Living Community, 7341 East Alexandria Pike, Alexandria Kentucky is composed of family and medical professionals who have experienced the life-changing impact of dementia and Alzheimer’s in a spiritual, social, and medical capacity. That afternoon, you will hear from Rev. Marian Boyer, Chaplain at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Dr. Scott Becker, Neurologist at Riverhills Neuroscience, Erin Koshover, Social worker at the Baptist Life Communities Village Care Center, Janet Milne, RN at the Greater Cincinnati Alzheimer’s Association, and Lynda Schunder, a compassionate caregiver.

The pain and suffering a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease brings to patients and their loved ones is almost unimaginable. It’s terrifying and, quite frankly unfair, to think of anyone not only enduring drastic mood changes and extreme and sudden confusion, but of losing the happy memories they have made and cherished throughout their life. These are only a few of many reasons why Alzheimer’s patients and their families seek education, understanding and direction as they experience all the struggles associated with this dreaded disease.

Baptist Life Communities understands the struggles of dealing with Alzheimer’s and is proud to be known as the only Senior Living Community in Northern Kentucky certified in and using the Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care for treatment of our entire senior living population.

If you are interested in attending this special presentation, please RSVP to Lynda Schunder at (859) 283-8618 or [email protected]. Your attendance and support make a world of difference to those inflicted with the painful realities of living with Alzheimer’s.

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