What a year 2020 has been!  It would probably be safe to say the majority of us are glad 2020 is coming to an end.  We have hope that 2021 will be different.  Hope we will get back to some normalcy in our world.  That’s what keeps us going – hope.

Google defines hope as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  The KJV of the Bible mentions hope 130 times.  The Bible defines hope as the confident expectation of what God has promised and its strength is in His faithfulness. 

What is your hope for 2021?

A lot of negativity has come with 2020 but let’s look at the positives it has brought us as well (not Covid positives): 

  • More family time with game nights and puzzles
  • Realizing what’s truly important and what’s not
  • Creativity got sparked – drive-by birthday parties and Zoom parties
  • Restaurants shared their “secret” recipes so we could make dishes at home
  • Drive-ins made a comeback
  • Wearing sweatpants and t-shirts became fashionably acceptable
  • People being kind by sewing/donating hundreds of masks
  • More pets were adopted and fostered
  • Some discovered a passion for an old hobby like baking or gardening
  • Had time to read again
  • Recognized that homeschooling is hard and teachers are heroes
  • Healthcare workers are essential
  • People got back on their bicycles since bike trails were all that was open
Source:  The Columbus Dispatch

BLC wishes you a blessed and Merry Christmas season.  Stay safe, healthy, and hopeful!