Estate Planning

Maybe you’ve thought about it; maybe not.  Do you really know what it is or what it involves?  We’re here to help you understand. Estate …

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What a year 2020 has been!  It would probably be safe to …

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Maybe you’ve thought about it; maybe not.  Do you really know what it is or what it involves?  We’re here to help you understand.

Estate planning is arranging for the use and disposal of your property after your death.   It helps you to see the big picture.  This takes a lot of thought and planning.


Some steps that would be involved in Estate Planning are:

1. Know what you have and where it is.  Where are your important papers?  Does a trusted person know the location of them (besides yourself)?

2. Know how you want your estate to be handled.  What do you want to happen to your estate after you’re gone?

3. Know how to provide for distribution of your property before and after your death.  Is your Will up to date?  Any Trusts?  Gifts?

4. Put it down on paper.  Prepare the proper documents; do you have a Power of Attorney; look into funeral pre-planning.

Everyone has an estate plan.  If you do nothing, the state will decide through state law how to dispose of your possessions after your death.  Keep in mind, state law may not transfer your resources in the way you want.

Not a pleasant thought but think about this – if I were to die tonight . . .

– What would happen to my property?
– Who would care for my minor children or aging parents?
– Would my spouse and children be provided for?
– Would the family business continue?
– Would the estate settlement be conducted by someone with my family’s needs and interests in mind?
– Would estate and inheritance taxes, probate fees, and other legal costs be held to a minimum?

Find a trusted advisor who can help you plan ahead so you have comfort knowing your family and property are how you wanted them to be.


Don’t forget to include BLC in your estate planning.  Contact 859-415-2684 for questions on how to make this happen.


Reference:  UK College of Agriculture, Food & Environment; Cooperative Extension Center

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